February 7, 2018

Oxygen allows your body to heal, recover and perform better. In fact, 90% of our bodies’ energy comes from oxygen. With more oxygen, we can get more out of every day. For some, this means training harder and further with less rest time and faster results. For others, it means boosting their normal energy levels to enhance their all-round wellbeing.

But how do you get more oxygen? Oxygen therapy can deliver on this.

Our mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides ligaments and tendons with oxygen they would ordinarily go without, by forcing oxygen to dissolve into the blood and allowing it to be absorbed into these deeper tissues.

Without oxygen therapy, sprains (ligament tears) can take significant time to heal, putting you on the bench when you could be working towards your goals. Alongside this healing capacity, oxygen therapy also flushes out lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue and allows for the conversion of oxygen into ATP for energy. This fast-tracks your recovery.

All in all, the more oxygen you can put into your body, the better!


**To help you see the benefits of oxygen therapy, we’ll give you 1 FREE oxygen therapy session when you buy 2!**
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Is oxygen therapy safe?

Mild Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a completely safe, drug free therapy that can be used regularly without any danger of oxygen toxicity in the body.

Our Sunlighten Airpod is a premium aluminium and stainless-steel capsule which provides a user- friendly, comfortable and non-claustrophobic experience. During the session, you may lie back and listen to your favourite music, meditate, read a book, use your mobile phone or laptop or simply relax and breathe in the benefits! Afterwards your oxygen therapy session you can carry out your normal day without restriction.