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Holistic health & hormone consultancy

At Confidere & Co, we practice holistic health and focus on improving overall mind and body function. Our Geelong wellness consultant specialises in developing successful weight-loss and nutrition programs, designed to suit each individual client.

Many of our clients come to us at their wits’ end – having followed strict diet and exercise regimes without achieving the desired level of success. The issue with many weight-loss methods in the market is they don’t look at the whole picture.

Diet and exercise is just one aspect of human health. Your physiological make-up affects the way your body responds to diet and exercise – so underlying biochemical issues or hormonal imbalances can limit your ability to lose weight and cut fat.

Other lifestyle factors, including lack of sleep and stress prevent your body from optimum performance, resulting in gut health, blood sugar and digestive issues that further compound weight-loss difficulties.

Confidere & Co offers everything our clients need to achieve their goals under one roof – including infrared saunas, AirPod hyperbaric therapy chambers and nutritional supplements. Our Geelong wellness consultant is happy to work with clients under the age of 18, we simply ask a parent or guardian to sign a consent form before the initial consultation.

Nutritional consultant & weight-loss advice in Geelong

Our nutritional consultant delivers a holistic approach to your weight-loss, taking into account lifestyle factors, stress and sleep management, digestion, gut health, nutrition and supplementation to tailor client-specific weight-loss programs.

Of course, diet and exercise are still important when trying to lose weight or build muscle – and our weight-loss consultant offers low intensity conditioning programs to boost overall health and body performance.

Consultations at our Geelong wellness studio are priced at $149, including:

  • 1-hour consultation
  • one-off nutrition and supplementation plan
  • lifestyle protocols

We’re also pleased to offer high-level support and appointments with our weight-loss and nutritional consultant for only $89, ensuring clients are equipped with the tools they need to succeed. Clients can also purchase gift vouchers online and in-store.

Our nutritional consultant is experienced in the Thorne Research and Poliquin Biosignature Modification programs and has extensive experience in the health industry, including Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Personal Training and Muscle Nerds Level 1 & 2 accreditation.

Please contact us for more information.

SupplementsAs one of Geelong's leading wellness studios, Confidere & Co offers a wide variety of supplements and vitamins from industry leading brands including Thorne, ATP Science and Herbs of Gold. Available for purchase in store.See Range