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If you want to lose weight or build a better physique and are struggling to find a program that works, there could be other factors at work. The body is a complex system – and a variety of lifestyle and biochemical factors can influence your ability to change your body. At Confidere & Co, our experienced weight-loss consultant helps clients optimise mind and body function for high-quality results.

Individual 12-week lifestyle plans devised by a nutritional consultant

We take a holistic approach to weight loss, specialising in the biochemistry of weight loss. Many people think weight loss is a simple case of eating less, or better, and exercising more. However, more often an individual’s physiology determines their ability to effectively lose weight.

Hormonal imbalances, blood sugar levels, stress, sleep difficulty, digestion and gut health can affect the way people lose weight. So if you’re following a good diet and exercise plan but not cutting fat – don’t beat yourself up or turn to extreme measures.

Book an appointment with our nutritional consultant in Geelong and receive a fully individualised program, including:

  • initial one-hour consultation to discuss goals and nutrition
  • 12 x 45-minute infrared sauna sessions
  • nutrition advice
  • supplement protocols – does not include supplements
  • lifestyle plan
  • stress and sleep management
  • digestion and gut health
  • online weekly check-ins to keep you accountable
  • full email support
  • the opportunity to book a 30-minute consult every four weeks, discussing concerns and making changes to your personalised nutrition plan
  • access to a closed Facebook group where members can ask questions, post recipes, share experiences and support each other.

Running over a 12-week period, the program includes weekly check-ins to help clients stay on-track, as well as individualised nutrition and supplementation advice – including sports-specific nutrition. All protocols are based on clients’ individual hormone profile.

Please contact us or drop in to our wellness centre for more information and pricing.

Conifdere & Co also offers hyperbaric therapy sessions at our Geelong wellness centre. Clients can also purchase gift vouchers online and in-store.

SupplementsAs one of Geelong's leading wellness studios, Confidere & Co offers a wide variety of supplements and vitamins from industry leading brands including Thorne, ATP Science and Herbs of Gold. Available for purchase in store.See Range