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Weight-loss is about more than eating and exercising – it’s about optimum biochemical and physiological function. Our Geelong weight-loss consultant understands the connections between physiology, lifestyle factors and losing weight, delivering tailored conditioning programs to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Physiological composition and lifestyle factors can determine how and where an individual loses weight. Long duration, low-intensity conditioning targets overall mind and body health to improve weight-loss potential.

Low-intensity conditioning programs designed by our weight-loss consultant

Digestive issues, poor-quality sleep, hormone imbalance, stress, digestion and metabolic syndromes can limit an individuals ability to lose weight. If these underlying issues exist, no amount of diet or exercise alone will work effectively.

Long duration low-intensity cardio improves all aspects of human health and performance, with a huge range of benefits, including:

  • improved cardiovascular function
  • weight-loss
  • less stress and anxiety
  • deep and more restful sleep
  • increase in energy production
  • improved memory and cognition
  • improved blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • reduced risk of depression
  • lowers resting heart rate.

Confidere & Co’s weight-loss consultant works with clients to develop a personalised conditioning program, based on the client’s unique needs. As well as cardio, we can incorporate oxygen therapy, infrared sauna sessions and supplement advice from a experienced nutritional consultant.

The low-intensity conditioning program is a one-off, four-week program, tailored to individual stress levels (resting heart rate) and current fitness level. This program is suitable for everyone – you do not need to build-up fitness prior as fitness will develop over the course of the program.

Please contact us to find out more about pricing and book your appointment with our weight-loss consultant. Confidere & Co also offers a range of gift vouchers available online and in-store.

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