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At Confidere & Co, we believe in a holistic approach to health. We take a personalised approach, developing unique treatments for each of our clients, based on their particular needs. Our weight loss and nutritional consultant has studied extensively and understands how to get your body functioning at its best.

We are the only wellness studio in Geelong offering both infrared saunas and hyperbaric therapy to effectively boost human health and performance. Our consultant understands the body’s biochemistry, combining nutrition and lifestyle advice with sauna sessions and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve cell function and aid:

  • digestion
  • injury recovery and repair
  • stress relief
  • sleep patterns and other lifestyle burdens.

The Confidere & Co team members are Geelong’s experienced and qualified wellness experts. We work with athletes and sports people, as well as overweight people experiencing hormone problems.

Clients can purchase one-off sessions, multi-session passes and combination oxygen therapy and infrared sauna sessions. Take a look at our wellness centre news for more information, or contact us to book your appointment with our weight-loss consultant.

Confidere & Co clients can also download the Mindbody app to book hyperbaric therapy sessions and infrared saunas directly through the app.



Infrared sauna

Infrared saunas heat body tissue directly, stimulating a detoxifying sweat and aiding overall muscle, tissue and organ function. Confidere & Co clients enjoy a range of mind and body health benefits including pain relief, reduced blood pressure, skin rejuvenation and improved circulation.

Our mPulse Believe and mPulse Conquer Sunlighten infrared saunas offer the ultimate experience, equipped with cutting-edge heating and entertainment features.

AirPod mild oxygen therapy in Geelong

Our industry-leading AirPod mild hyperbaric capsule boosts blood oxygenisation and increases absorption to aid mind and body function. Our body receives 90 per cent of its energy from oxygen – but injuries, fatigue, stress and other lifestyle factors inhibit oxygen flow and can lead to depression, anger and even disease.

Oxygen therapy reinvigorates your body and restores optimum health, relieving stress, increasing energy and strengthening the immune system.

Supplements & Beauty ProductsAs one of Geelong's leading wellness studios, Confidere & Co offers a variety of supplements and beauty products available for purchase in store.See Range