For best results Confidere & Co recommends having at least 2-3 sessions per week for the first 10 – 15 weeks followed by regular sessions to maintain desired results.

Vital Dome infrared sauna sessions are 45 minutes and 20 minutes for children.

It’s recommend spacing your sessions by at least 48 hours for better results.

Vital Dome sessions can be purchased as a casual pass, multi-session passes or combining with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for longer lasting benefits.



The deep sweating eliminates and removes toxins such as chemical residues, heavy metals, cholesterol and acids every single session.

The optimal results are achieved after 2 to 3 sessions per week for 1 month, with the heat  between 65 ° C and 75 ° C (according to the tolerance of the person).

After 1 month 1 – 2 sessions per week for maintenance.

Weight loss

Clinical proven studies on the use of the Vital dome have shown visible reductions in waist circumference up to 4 cm, hip circumference up to 2.5cm and thigh circumference up to 2cm after 12 sessions over one month.

The optimal heat is between 65°C and 75°C (according to the tolerance of the person) to achieve desired results.

2 – 3 sessions per week for the first month. 1 session per week for maintenance


Infrared heat warms muscles and tissue to increase blood flow for improved circulation. Helps reduce varicose veins edema and the sensation of heavy legs.

For extra benefits try combining veinotonic plants such as horse chestnut, camphor or peppermint.

To achieve optimal results its recommended the heat at bust level at 60°C and mattress for legs at 40° C.


A Vital Dome session provides the body with radiant energy, allowing for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing muscular tensions for a deep relaxation and improving sleep quality.

Combining relaxing plants such as lavender, chamomile or orange blossom for extra benefits.

To achieve optimal results its recommended the heat is between 50° C and 60° C (according to the tolerance of the person)

  • 2 sessions per week for 1 month
  • 3 sessions a week is recommended if suffering from chronic stress or mild depression.
  • Maintenance 1 session per week

The vital dome is one of the most efficient techniques used for wellness and mood enhancing.

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