April 17, 2021

The Vital Dome is full body infrared sauna where a cabin sauna is only part body infrared sauna.

The Vital dome is a individual sauna embedded with black carbon heating panels. Lying down for efficiency and extra comfort with 360 ° C of infrared being evenly distributed throughout the entire body with 4 heated zones focussing on the chest, back, legs and feet. The heat ranges from 37 ° C to 80 ° C  with over 36 individualised targeted programs.

There is also specially designed programs for children. Suitable for breast feeding mothers and the elderly.

In a cabin sauna only part of your body (mainly back) is being heated by infrared and the rest is surrounding heat. Unfortunately infrared cannot penetrate through the wooded seat to reach your buttocks, thighs and legs and cannot reach your stomach.

Not all infrared is the same and created equal depending on the technology and infrared wavelengths.

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