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At Confidere & Co, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their best self – in mind and in body! Our holistic approach means we look at all aspects of physical health and performance to improve body function. Our weight-loss and nutritional consultant is Geelong’s local expert, happy to answer questions about our wellness centre treatments.

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Infrared saunas FAQ

See more information about our infrared saunas in Geelong.

AirPod and oxygen therapy FAQ

See more information about mild hyperbaric therapy in our state-of-the-art AirPod capsule.

I’m eating right and exercising – why can’t I lose weight?

Many people don’t realise that physiology has a direct impact on an individual’s ability to lose weight. Your physiology determines how your body responds to food and exercise – so while eating right and exercising is important, there are other factors that influence weight-loss, including:

  • thyroid issues and other hormone imbalances
  • sleep deprivation, stress and other lifestyle burdens
  • gut health and digestion
  • metabolic syndromes
  • blood sugar management.

Our experienced and highly qualified weight-loss consultant understands the biochemistry of weight-loss and how to improve overall mind and body function for effective results.

Do I have to be over 18 years of age to see a nutritional consultant?

Confidere & Co is happy to provide advice and recommendations for people under 18 years of age, however any clients under 18 years must have a parent of guardian sign a consent form prior to their first session with our nutritional consultant.

What’s included in a nutritional consultation?

Our nutritional consultations are packed with value. For just $149, clients receive a fully individualised program including:

  • lifestyle plan
  • stress reduction and sleep management
  • nutrition advice and supplementation protocols.

Can I purchase a gift voucher online?

Clients can purchase printable gift vouchers for the AirPod – mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and infrared saunas sessions form our online store or alternatively in-store at our Geelong wellness studio.

Can I book appointments online?

Yes, Confidere & Co is pleased to offer an online booking service powered by Acuity Scheduling. You can book appointments for infrared saunas, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and purchase passes.

SupplementsAs one of Geelong's leading wellness studios, Confidere & Co offers a wide variety of supplements and vitamins from industry leading brands including Thorne, ATP Science and Herbs of Gold. Available for purchase in store.See Range