The Vital Dome is the only infrared sauna available in Australia with Advanced Black Carbon Heating Technology

The Vital Dome infrared sauna is now available to purchase in Australia through Confidere & Co. The Vital Dome is a French advanced infrared sauna produced by Vital Tech France. Vital Tech is highly respected and leaders in far infrared wellness devices throughout France, Europe and Worldwide by healthcare, alternative medicine, wellbeing, fitness and beauty professionals.

“The Vital Dome boosts the vitality of the organism, fights against stress and fatigue while eliminating toxins. Natural Health, Wellbeing and Beauty”


A Tailor Made Solution for: 

  • Detoxification
  • Deep Relaxtion
  • Stress Management
  • Improve the Quality of Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Recovery
  • Anti Ageing
  • Skin Care
  • Overall Health

The Vital Dome is a perfect match between nature and technology that combines performance, luxury and comfort. A story of passion and determination by its two creators of Alexandra Gavsevitch, a highly reconised naturopath, ACMOS bioenergeticist and aromatologist and Eric Fauchon, a osteopath and acupuncturist. The Vital Dome is exclusive French designed and manufactured, made from sustainable and controlled plantations, an approach that is respectful of the environment and its ecological impact.

Infrared rays are natural and essential for our balance, a beneficial part of the solar spectrum that is present during daylight. Infrared therapy is a medical and scientific discipline based on the action of infrared radiation on the body. It’s the most versatile technique, completely natural and safe, proposed for wellbeing and health care in general. Infrared benefits on the body are deep, numerous and vital, it helps restore or stimulate certain body functions, alleviates from illness and pain, relaxation, protects our skin from the effects of ageing and much more….

The vital Dome difference

The Vital Dome Detoxifies, Tones and Stimulates the body

The designs of the Vital Dome and the Cloud is the result of scientific research aimed at optimising the effects of IRL. The unique parabolic shape envelopes the body, providing 360 ° C of infrared being evenly diffused throughout the entire body.

What sets the Vital Dome apart from any other infrared sauna on the market is it’s advanced black carbon heating panels and ZERO EMF. The black carbon panels is the best of high technology with superior distribution of infrared radiation to produce an instant temperature rise for maximum efficiency and comfort. The advanced heating technology is an effective health support to rebalance the central nervous system and regenerate the body from within.

The Vital Dome ecosystem emits pure and natural far infrared to enter and warm the body directly by the heat of the radiation, without increasing the ambient temperature. Passing beneath the skin into the dermis to a depth of 4cm at the cellular level to improve tissue exchange, boost draining functions, increase blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissue to reduce chronic muscle pain or sports injuries, promotes relaxation, inducing sleep, relieves stress all while flushing toxins from the body.

Infrared relaxes every muscle in the body, taking tension and the stress out of everyday life

The vital dome benefits – A gentle & natural treatment method

Regeneration & Relaxation

Infrared therapy allows the body to absorb energy from long infrared rays. The gentle heat reduces tension and stress throughout the body and relaxes the nervous system (relaxation) while restoring energy to the body (regeneration).


The deep heat of the far infrared warms the heart tissue, allowing the body to achieve significant sweating thats identical to a sustained physical effort and therefore generates for the elimination of toxins.  A 40 minute session is equivalent to two hours of running.

Blood circulation increases during a session and also the sweat glands to eliminate heavy metals and pollutants including lead, mercury, zinc, nickel and cholesterol.

Sports Recovery

The sweat obtained from the Vital Dome allows for a deep drainage and elimination of lactic acid which results in reducing muscle pain and stiffness. Infrared rays has the ability to reach the origin of pain to reduce inflammation, providing relief and healing for muscles and soft tissue injuries and prevents tendon ligament pain. The energy produced in the body during a session reduces post workout fatigue.

The Vital Dome is a very effective treatment for sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and other musculoskeletal discomfort.

Sleep Quality

Improve the quality of sleep with having one Vital Domes session per week. The deep heat activates the parasympathetic system which rebalances the nervous system as a whole.

The Vital Dome realigns the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) for people who work night shift, shift work or travel to reduce jet lag.

Vital Dome features

  • Precise control of the infrared wavelength which allows the best resonance with the natural emission of the human body (whose peak is located at 9.4 μm)
  • Parabolic shape to envelope the body with 360 degrees of infrared evenly distributed throughout the entire body
  • Patented controller and 42 program options
  • Programs for children
  • Advanced Black Carbon heating panels
  • Emits Zero EMF
  • Exclusive protocols and possibility of integrating with different medical protocols
  • Exclusive protocols to optimise with other treatments including: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HydroMassage, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractor, cryotherapy, facial treatments, cryolipolysis and sports clubs
  • Designed for optimal efficiency of FIR
  • Clinical studies
  • Simple installation, a standard powerpoint is sufficient
  • Low energy consumption, no preheating required
  • Easily accessible and use for everyone
  • High end French craftsmanship
The Vital Dome is an efficient and patented solution with clinically proven benefits

 Vital dome’s FIR technology Clinical Proven Studies

  • 82% of users felt more relaxed
  • 73% of users noticed an improvement in their quality of sleep
  • 77% of users noticed improvements in their health and general wellbeing
  • 77% of users noticed improvements of their overall shape
  • 63% of users noticed an improvement in the firmness of their skin
  • 77% of users noticed a decrease in the feeling of heavy legs
  • Up to 4.0cm reduction on the waist
  • Up to 2.5cm reduction on the hips
  • Up to 2.0cm reduction around the thighs

*Clinical studies were performed on 22 participants, on having 3 sessions per week over a 4 week period.

Vital dome models – The most efficient in wellbeing devices

The Vital Dome is fully manufactured in France, with each innovative model designed for efficiency and comfort. Embedded throughout with advanced black carbon heating panels and exclusive programmed controller developed for easy use and safety guaranteed.

Classic Model

The classic is Vital Dome’s original design, this model integrates perfectly into any business, space or interior.

Essential Model

The Essential has beautiful clean lines and perfect in proportions, this model is ideal for professional use and integrates into any business.

Comfort Model

The Comfort is beautifully designed with added extra comfort, integrates perfectly into any business, space or bathroom.

Compact Model

The Compact model is the answer for small spaces, integrates perfectly into any business, space or home.

The Compact is an innovative option for establishments where flexibility is the key. The Compact can be easily folded, unfolded and moved from one room to another in minutes while offering the same powerful technology and performance.

Nomad model

The Nomad model was created to meet the demand for hotels, offering a portable room care service option.



The Cloud – Relaxation and performance Model

The Cloud is based on the patented VITAL DOME technology, zero gravity positioning, chromotherapy and sound frequency music. Listening to music at a sound frequency of 432 Hz creates a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

The Cloud is designed for it’s effective regeneration and relaxation programs for only 15 – 30 minutes. Made for wellbeing at workplaces, airports, lounges, hotels and homes.

Improve the quality of life while at the workplace by offering employees a deep relaxation, providing energy to the body, recovery and letting go in order to perform, function and optimise work performance.

Discover vital dome infrared therapy for Commercial or domestic use

The Vital Dome is an outstanding wellbeing device with advanced technology that combines performance, luxury, comfort, perfect control of the emitted wavelength and savings on energy.

A perfect investment to elevate your business or increase your services with achieving outstanding profitability for all health professionals, wellness centres, spas, beauty, hotels, gyms, sports centres or even homes.

Please email to request a brochure and call 03 52619158 for price on application.

Australia wide support and training is provided.


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