purioBIO Reusable Makeup Remover Pads 2 pack


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The puroBIO makeup remover pads are made from microfibre, washable and reusable. The special oval shape allows you to reach all areas of the face easily, while gently cleansing and leaving the face feeling soft.

The microfibre makeup remover pads are a super soft blend, making them gentle enough for all skins types, including the most delicate of eye areas.

The pink pad is designed to remove the most intense makeup, while the white disc is ideal for removing the last residues of makeup, sunscreen, face mask or exfoliants.

How to use: Gently cleanse the face in combination with your favourite cleanser.

Moisten with warm water and squeeze thoroughly before use. After use, wash thoroughly with a mild detergent and leave to dry in the practical mesh bag. The pads can be machine washed in the mesh bag.

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