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Supplement Brands

Thorne Research

Thorne is dedicated to the highest level of product development and because of this Confidere & Co situated Torquay is very happy to be able to offer Thorne supplements to Australia.

Through partnering specifically with only suppliers who’s strive for excellence in supplements matches theirs. Thorne’s emphasis on better health is evident through their use of higher quality ingredients, stronger potency, easier digestibility and absorption among a myriad of others, leading to their ultimate goal of solving the largest hurdles that impede the health and wellness arena.

Consistent clinical research is of crucial significance, as it dramatically helps those at Thorne to further and more completely understand the efficiency of the products.

Thorne’s value statement is a supreme dedication to improving health outcomes through both science and technology. With over 30 year’s experience in the health and wellness field, Thorne has been unwavering in augmenting high-quality, innovative and research based nutritional supplements and is the most up to date in medical education.

Crucially, none of Thorne’s nutritional supplements contain any harmful lubricants, binders or potentially allergenic fillers, as using the purest natural ingredients ensures the highest quality natural supplements on the market today.

Setting Thorne even further apart from its competitors, is its ‘A1’ rating from the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA), of which has some of the most stringent and rigorous testing and regulatory requirements in the world for both food and supplements.

Herbs of Gold

Established in 1989 and proudly Australian made and owned, Herbs of Gold currently make over 140 herbal, vitamin nutrient, mineral and superfood formulations that come in multitude of forms, including powder, liquid and tablet formations to consequently adapt and suit all ages and preferences.

With an extensive team of herbalists, naturopaths and nutritionists, Herbs of Gold ensures all of their formulas are the result of current scientific research coupled with traditional evidence.

Furthermore, all Herbs of Golf products meet the rigid regulations imposed by the Australian Government, to ultimately protect safety, but also ensure the upmost quality in every serving.

With products, completely free from any artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives or flavours, Herbs of Gold’s mission is perceiving health from a holistic point of view, and therefore producing the highest standard products from a ‘prevention is better than a cure’ standpoint.