July 30, 2019

Why have an oxygen facial for collagen production when you can experience all the benefits from hyperbaric oxygen therapy instead!

Oxygen therapy not only increases collagen production and skin elasticity it helps keep your skin feeling smooth and gives you a youthful glow.

Oxygen therapy increases oxygen saturation into the blood by 35%, the extra oxygen is delivered into body’s tissue, organs and the brain.

Oxygen allows your body to heal, recover and perform better. In fact, 90% of our bodies’ energy comes from oxygen. With more oxygen, we can get more out of every day.

Oxygen has been found to benefit skin health and is a major component in skin rejuvenation, premature ageing and improves the skins texture. Collagen gives your skin its firmness, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and improves skin complexion.

Why not make oxygen therapy part of your beauty regime.

New clients can receive an introductory offer, buy 2 and receive your third for free. For more information on oxygen therapy contact 52295715.