November 2, 2019
Vital Dome

Incorporating regular Vital Dome sauna sessions willI help aid in weight loss and reduce the appearance of cellulite through the elimination of toxins, fats and the metabolism being stimulated.

The Vital Dome is a French sauna manufactured in France that uses far infrared to recharge the body. Far infrared is a vital radiation of the sun, natural and essential factor for growth and healing. Far infrared is detected as heat which we experience daily, the Vital Dome provides the body with far infrared radiant energy similar to what you receive naturally from the sun without the harmful UV rays and the risk of burning.

Vital Domes unique parabolic shape is in perfect harmony with the body allowing for 360 degrees of infrared being diffused evenly throughout the entire body from the shoulders down focussing on the chest, back, legs and feet, leaving the head outside for complete relaxation and comfort. The deep penetration of infrared heat produces significant heating in the muscles and internal organs to improve tissue exchange, boosts draining function, activates blood circulation, oxygenates the skin and restores its detoxifying properties and flushes toxins from the body.

Weight loss

With swimsuit season drawing closer, not only is it time to improve your health but to drop those unwanted kilos.

Far infrared radiation produces 2 to 3 times more sweat than traditional saunas which increases the amount of calories burned.

Sweating helps eliminate stored toxins in fat cells, stimulates the metabolism, heart rate and blood vessels which amounts to a passive form of cardiovascular training which is equivalent to 2 hours running, 1 litre of sweat and burns 600 calories.

The Vital Dome is the only infrared device to be able to use the term “clinically proven results”, the clinical studies were conducted by a renowned independent laboratory with proven clinical results for slimming. The results have shown reductions in circumferences in waist by up to 4cm, hip 2.5 cm and thigh 2cm after 12 sessions.

Incorporating regular sessions is an excellent addition to any exercise or weight loss program with the extra benefits of relaxation, stress relief and a better nights sleep.

Cellulite reduction

Infrared rays can reverse the appearance of cellulite by eliminating stored toxins and speeding up the metabolism.

Cellulite can effect all shapes and sizes and is usually caused by estrogen and a build up of toxins in the body. Cellulite is pockets of trapped fat beneath the skin with a dimply and lumpy appearance that usually effects the thighs and buttocks. Commonly known as “orange peel or cottage cheese” by the appearance and texture.

The vital dome is different to a cabin sauna as 360 degrees of infrared is being absorbed throughout the entire body from the shoulders all the way down to the toes. Only part of the body is heated by infrared when using a cabin sauna. Unfortunately infrared cannot penetrate through the wooded seat to reach your buttocks and thighs where cellulite tends to accumulate.

There seems to be a direct link between the metabolism slowing down and the storage of toxins in fat cells that cause cellulite.

Incorporating regular infrared sauna sessions willI help reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing the heart rate, metabolic rate, blood circulation for sweating  to eliminate toxins.

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