July 11, 2018

Our red blood cells carry approximately 98% of oxygen while plasma carries only 2%.
The AirPod uses mild hyperbaric pressure to increase oxygen saturation into the blood stream and is then carried throughout our body and our organs. The extra oxygen travels past any restriction of blood flow that has been reduced due to illness, injury or hypoxia and helps to speed up the healing process.

Hypoxia is a deficiency of oxygen at tissue level, low levels of oxygen makes it difficult for your body to perform at its best. Overtime low levels of oxygen can cause a dysfunction to the cells, alters DNA and can cause chronic illness and diseases.

Oxygen therapy helps by relieving hypoxia symptoms which include headaches, blurred vision, nausea, anger, dizziness, drowsiness and shortness of breath. The increase in oxygen also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and increases blood flow.

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Introductory oxygen therapy offer for new clients only, buy two oxygen therapy sessions and receive the third FREE.